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Airships are dungeons in the form of floating ships. They contain chests with loot, and monsters called Sky Pirates, with a Pirate King boss in the captain's quarters. The Sky Pirates and Pirate King are identical to ordinary Pirates found on ships. The ship has some chests, similar to ordinary Pirate Ships, and it is also a valuable source of iron blocks. The chests contain anything from diamonds to artifacts. The Airship can be hard to get onto, especially when they generate over water, so either find one close to land, or bring plenty of climbing blocks. Cloud boots or boots of the meteor also help you get on the ship.

An airship.

Flying Airship mod[edit | edit source]

The Flying Airship mod is crafted with a Balloon, dispenser, 2 engines, 4 string and a boat.

This Airship IS flyable. Right click the ship to climb into it, then open your inventory. The ship's GUI will then be displayed. Put coal into it, and it will have power. Use W.A.S.D. like you would to walk and to move around. The spacebar, or your jump key, is used to go higher. The left shift or your sneak key will cause the ship to descend.

The following is the crafting recipie.

Crafting Recipe for Airship.

The top row includes, from left to right, one string, one balloon, and one string.

The second row includes, from left to right, one engine, one dispenser, and one engine.

The bottom row includes, from left to right, one string, one boat, and one string.

The Ballon and engines are made with 8 leather ( Balloon) & a piston surrounded by iron (engine).

crafting for engine and balloon.

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