AirShips and Boats

Some people have been saying that the Better Dungeons page needs work. So I decided to help with the airships and boats. Both boats and airships DO NOT MOVE. So please do not ask how to steer them in the comments. This is my first article, so bear with me. Also, please do not grief this, or any article for that matter. But feel free to add pictures of boats and airships.



Airships are huge, rare new structures that spawn randomly over sea. Getting up to them is hard, as they spawn over open water. I suggest placing under you and jumping, aka nerd-poling.  Your long nerd pole is rewarded though. Airships are littered with chests, some in the captains cabin (the large room at the back of the ship), the cockpit (the large room at the front of the ship) and others such as the kitchen. Air pirates litter the decks. They look like steves, but they have beards. Their sole purpose is to kill you and basically ruin your loot-getting day. Beware, these foes have armor, from leather to diamond. Some drop their armor when you kill them, as well as their weapons. Be weary of the shield-carrying ones, as they will block your attacks. The king is usaully in the captains cabin, and looks no different then the others, he is carrying a shield, and usually is dressed in gold. I am yet to see how much health he has, but I will figure it out. He is a foe that likes to cheat. He teleports behind you, then makes you poop your pants. (not really, but you will be startled.) Once you kill the captain, the others will drop dead and the airship and its loot will be yours.


There are many types of boats.i like poo There are pirate ships, sailboats, and even one you can enchant stuff in. There are also boats that have a mobs head on the sails, like a creeper or skeleton. These do not have chests. Also, there is a friendly boat, which are yours. These can be identified by the glass floor. Pirate ships come in three varieties, the large, the mediem, and the small. Only the large has pirates. These are the same as the air pirates. The large can be identified by the sheer size of it. The medium boat has red or orange detailing, and the small has an overhang at the back. The sailboats has chests under the mast. It is also possible to find coves. These are mountains in the middle of the sea with a red X on the top. Dig through the X to find loot. There is also an abandoned ship inside. This has loot too. Wooden pathways litter the walls, to let you get around the cove easily. There are no pirates in these, but there are some hidden mob spawners.

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