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Arcane Furnace

An Arcane Furnace

The arcane furnace functions much like a normal furnace. It does however have several impressive advantages over it's mundane counterpart:

  • It has multiple input and output slots allowing one to queue up a lot of material to be smelted.
  • It is slightly faster than a normal furnace and slightly more efficient at burning fuel.
  • Fuel is only used while the furnace is in operation. If there are no available items to be smelted the current heat level is maintained and the fuel is not consumed until new items enter the input inventory.

An Arcane Furnace can also be connected to a steady supply of vis which will grant the following benefits:

  • Fuel efficiency and duration is greatly improved.
  • Smelting speed is increased.
  • The furnace gains a small chance of doubling the smelting output each cycle - in other words a single piece of ore could produce two (or possibly even more) ingots.

It is also possible to place an Arcane Furnace below a crucible. This greatly improves the efficiency of the crucible allowing it to produce more Vis and less Taint for each item smelted. The Arcane furnace, however, will constantly consume fuel while boosting a crucible - even if the crucible is not in operation.

Applying a redstone signal to an arcane furnace causes it to stop smelting items, consuming fuel or boosting crucibles. This does not apply to redstone producing crucibles placed above them.

The arcane furnace can be made through an infuser as shown below


Source - Thaumcraft2 Wiki

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