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Arcane seals are the start of auto-farming, mob traps, defending your base, portals and there are over 100 of them just have fun and see if you make one of the lot.

Infusion Recipe[edit | edit source]

Combinations by essence[edit | edit source]

Begining with magic:

  • Magic, Air: Portal. Can be linked to specific channels by adding a third essence.
  • Using air and air you can push things away from the seal. You may specify between pushing away item, creatures, or both using earth, magic or air essences respectfully.
  • Using air and fire you can make a seal that will hurl crippling lightning bolts at your target. You may then modify the effect with a third essence.
  • Using air and dark you can pull things into your seal. You may then modify what the seal does as a secondary effect with a third essence. Adding water to it however will yeild a non-functioning seal.
  • Any combination of air and water, air and earth, or air and magic will yeild a non-functioning seal.

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