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ThaumCraft.png Artifacts contains information about the ThaumCraft_2 mod.

Artifacts are objects included in the Thaumecraft 2 mod that serve little purpose but research. They can be researched for discoveries and new technology. They are found occasionally from monster drops and also in battle towers and the room under the Eldritch Monolith. Some are much more common then others like the human skull for example. Some are rarer like the ancient seal.


Common artifacts from the Lost and Forbidden catagories are drops from monsters, but can also be found inside of naturally spawning chests.

Tainted Artifacts can be obtained from mobs, plants, and an Eldritch Tree inside a natural tainted zone

Eldritch Artifacts can be obtained inside Eldritch Monolith

You can get almost all other artifacts with Relic Hunter Enchantment

Exceptional Artifacts can be obtained only from naturally generated chests, such as those inside mineshafts, dungeons, and villages.


Rarity, Type, and Research value
Rarity Lost Forbidden Tainted Eldritch Success Probability
Grid Ancient Pottery.png
Ancient Pottery
Grid Distorted Skull.png
Distorted Skull
Grid Taint Spores.png
Taint Spores
Grid Shard of Strange Metal.png
Shard of Strange Metal
Grid Tarnished Chalice.png
Tarnished Chalice
Grid Cracked Wisp Shell.png
Cracked Wisp Shell
Grid Tainted Organ.png
Tainted Organ
Grid Eldritch Mechanism.png
Eldritch Mechanism
Grid Worn Statuette.png
Worn Statuette
Grid Inhuman Skull.png
Inhuman Skull
Grid Tainted Fuit.png
Tainted Fruit
Grid Opalescent Eye.png
Opalescent Eye
Grid Ancient Weapon.png
Ancient Weapon
Grid Darkened Crystal Eye.png
Darkened Crystal Eye
Grid Tainted Branch.png
Tainted Branch
Grid Disturbing Mirror.png
Disturbing Mirror
Grid Ancient Seal.png
Ancient Seal
Grid Knotted Spite.png
Knotted Spite
Grid Intact Taintspore Pod.png
Intact Taintspore Pod
Grid Glowing Eldritch Device.png
Glowing Eldritch Device
Grid Ancient Stone Tablet.png
Ancient Stone Tablet
Grid Tome of Forbidden Knowledge.png
Tome of Forbidden Knowledge
Grid Writhing Taint Tendrils.png
Writhing Taint
Grid Eldritch Repository.png
Eldritch Repository


Their sole purpose is research. To research you need a Quaesitum. You can research anything, but Artifacts give you a far greater chance of a breakthrough than normal items. When researched it gives infromation that you can use for your own purposes. See Research for more info on that.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when you die, the research you did will be gone.

Other Uses[]

The only other use of Artifacts are aesthetic purposes.

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