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New Structures[edit | edit source]

The new structures include the Airship, Volcanoes, swamp caves, ice caves, pyramids, Castles and Fortresses. Notable features include the fact that the Volcano is littered on all the outside with ores, from coal to diamonds. They also all carry chests filled with common -to-rare items including Vis Crystals, Eyes of Ender, and many different Thaumcraft artifacts.

Main Structures[edit | edit source]

Floating Castle: This mid-sized castle has two or more floating islands. One, being a courtyard of sort has a small farm and rooms with beds, chests, and book shelves. Another, has courtyard and a fortress that houses a wizard that spawns armored skeletons. There really is not much along the lines of loot except from enemy drops and colored wool.

Volcano: a large stone and ore covered mountain that is hollow on the inside with netherrack spiral staircases encircling the inside. All the way down, there are dwarf spawners: they look like miniature Steves. At first, they wield pickaxes and have chain armor. As you descend, their armor changes from chain to diamond and goes through the others in only a few staircase turns. They are very dangerous in numbers, though individually they hardly pose a threat. It is recommended you make a house with a bed next to the volcano for if and when you die. At the bottom there is a brick building that you have to navigate through to find the boss. The boss guards a chest room with valuable loot. There is an incredible amount of ores and valuable items, so in the end if you have the right weapons and armour it is seriously worth the risk. The boss fight will probably be one of your biggest problems. [Bring Fire resist potions and splash healing just in case you decide to jump and land at the lava pool at the bottom.

You will also encounter Dwarves riding Giant Silverfish. If you kill the Dwarves, you can ride the Silverfish. Also, try to avoid falling into the pool of lava at the bottom of the volcano. You should also destroy the Dwarf spawners. Underneath them, there are chests full of useful items, like gold, iron, diamonds, and ender eyes, as well as a scroll

Pirate Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Airships: Large ships suspended in mid air, usually over water but occasionally found above ground. Filled with armored pirates, it has loot varying from iron and coal to adventuring scrolls, as well as other things. The flags are usually black and orange stripped, and they have wings made of iron, and redstone torches on the wings. The ship itself is mainly consisted of wooden planks, the rest (mostly) wood. There is an engine room, food court, barracks, deck, captain's quarters, navigation room, kitchen, and a large hallway. There will be enemies in the crow's nest as well as on the wings and such. There is a pirate captain with a shield, which can deflect your arrows, including crossbow bolts. It can also turn invisible and teleport when it is low on health, so just sit in a corner and swing wildly. There is no actual official way to get up, but there are doors that lead outside with no balcony on the ship, so you can nerd pole(Noobscrapers, or If you don't know what this is, it is ust jump, place below you... until you reach it up there), throw a grapple up, use a teleport book, use a magic wing, etc. Unless you're decked out in diamond armor(Or better), it is recommended that you sleep in a bed in the barracks, as there will not be any monsters in there in the first place, although some may have wandered into there, so it's best to cut a hole in the bottom and see if there are any monsters in there.

Pirate Ships: There are two types (that I have seen) of Pirateships. They are located around coves. When you find a Pirate Ship you will most likely find a Pirate Base. generally the Ships in the Pirate base are bigger then those outside of the Base. Inside pirate ships their Isnt a boss but the enemies inside are heavily armoured and often drop onto you before you can make it into the base. The enemies are armed with Swords and Bows and look like Steves. If you ever come across a pirate ship get wood and create a barrier between you and the enemies. inside the chests you can find a multiple of different items. from coal to diamond and even music discs. So its a good idea to keep your eyes out for Pirate ships.

Pirate Island: A small island that houses a pirate ship. There is a dock, and a Pirate King in the top.\New Mobs and Upgrades

The new mobs are dwarves, goblins, ice bulls, giant silverfish, hornets, pirates and bosses. The dwarves ride giant silverfish and occupy the volcanos and are considerably smaller than you. Pirates are very common in airships, as well as normal ships in the sea. They also appear on pirate floating islands. Skeletons in castles and fortresses have armor and can carry swords. As you do damage to an armored skeletons you can see their armor break off one piece at a time. This also goes for zombies, which have armor, swords, and bows. There are swamp caves with goblins inside, that ride giant silverfish also. Goblins wear any armor and their damage scales depending on their armor. Leather deals one heart, Chain and Iron deal one and a half hearts, and diamond armor will deal two hearts. You can find hornets in swamp caves. In the ice caves are ice bulls, which can be killed to make special armor. After killing a dwarf riding a silverfish, you may mount the silverfish by right clicking it.

Desert Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Pyramids: These dungeons are found in deserts. At first glance, they appear to just be sandstone statues of different creatures. But investigate a little further, and you'll likely find an entrance down into the ground. At the bottom of the stairs there's an obsidian maze. This maze is not all that difficult; if you do go down the wrong path, it's simple to backtrack to the fork where you erred. If you place torches it makes the process easier. Keep in mind that it may take you quite awhile to reach the boss's room, so make sure you bring a diamond pick in case you need to mine out the obsidian. The few chests you may find in here contain mostly Thaumcraft artifacts.

The boss's room is under a trapdoor that drops into some water. First of all, prepare yourself before you hop in. You should not plan on coming back out for a break, this is nearly impossible since the whole room is made out of obsidian. When you land in the water, you'll immediately begin to be assaulted by the sphinx boss, which will shoot the same fireballs as a ghast.

You just need to do one thing to win this fight: hit his fireballs back at him. Now in the situation, you may think of using a water bucket to turn the large gap of lava between you and the boss into obsidian, but this is not advisable. The sphinx will easily fireball you off into the lava if you attempt this, and the safer way is to just hit the fireballs back. Another approach that is out of the question is shooting him with your bow. If he is engaged to you, he'll just teleport to another position on being hit by the arrow, similar to Enderman. While you are dueling the sphinx, red silverfish varying in size will spawn and distract you from hitting back the fireballs. There is really not much you can do about them spawning, but one tactic you can employ is running back and forth across your platform to avoid the fireballs while trying to deal with the silverfish.

Upon the boss's death, his body will not actually despawn. Instead, he will appear to stop attacking you--while the whole room begins to fill with lava. You may think you're screwed here, but there is a way out. Go to the back center of your platform, directly below the trapdoor you originally entered from. An iron block path leading to the surface will have spawned, and once you're in the tunnel, you can watch the lava flood the room before heading up. Follow the path up to the surface to discover a wonderful reward of golden apples and a generous number of diamonds as well. Don't forget to mine out the iron blocks that spawned with your reward, you can get quite a bit of iron from these-- the farther down the boss room was, the more iron you'll get.

Underground Dungeons: These come in two types. The first one is basically an extended version of the vanilla Minecraft dungeon. It has multiple mossy cobble rooms filled with spawners and chests. But there won't just be the usual zombie, spider, and skeleton spawners. There will be creeper and enderman spawners too. What you'll want to do is go through and destroy all the spawners while fending off the mobs and lighting up the place with some torches. This is tricky business, especially with skeletons and creepers possibly coming at you at the same time. After dismantling all the spawners, look through the chests to find a variety of items. There will be the same usual stuff that spawns in vanilla dungeons, as well as Thaumcraft artifacts.

The second type is a stone brick dungeon, often located under skeleton castles fortresses. These are more complex, filled with redstone traps and different types of rooms. One hallway contains pressure plates that will open up the floor beneath you into lava. Another room would realistically require Indiana Jones-like precision to maneuver, with pressure plates on top of every other block. But remember, this is Minecraft. Just dig through the floor and snatch up the valuable TNT. Keep heading down--the path is completely straightforward and without deviation. At the bottom, you'll be greeted by one of two bosses. The first one is the Necromancer(unless you already killed one in the surface castle, if there was one). He has a significant amount of health, but if you just keep spamming the attack button with a decent sword he won't last long. This task is made somewhat more difficult because he launches orbs at you that will spawn weaponless skeletons. The skellys will attack you similarly to regular zombies, but won't have any extra health. The Necromancer is a breeze to take down compared to other bosses, and he will drop a diamond or two along with a few glistering melons. In his chest you may find music discs and more valuable loot. Rarely you will find a significant tool such as the Long Bow or the Hookshot.

If it's a stone brick dungeon without a castle above it, you'll be faced with a much more difficult boss-- a giant spider. This spider is slower than normal ones, but that is its only disadvantage. It will spawn cobwebs to block your path while attacking you, so it is advised that you use a sword for this fight as compared to another weapon. The spider can poison you as well, so keep a fair distance from it while you slash at it. For the first part of this fight, you can block off the spider from direct contact with you and just hit it. But once you've eased down on its health enough, it will do something pretty weird. It will basically turn into a slime-like object, and attempt to hop away from you. Seems simple from here, but the spider-turned-slime will begin spawning in dangerous minions at a high rate. It's difficult to attack the spider when you're dealing with its minions, but your main strategy is to have a hard-hitting weapon that you can slash rapidly. Once the boss is dead, check out its chest to find similar items to those of the Necromancer's chest.

Nether Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Nether Cities: A 5x5 set of buildings that are randomly selected from a list of possible buildings.

List of possible buildings:



Big Dungeon


Black Tree






















Bosses[edit | edit source]

Each different structure has a different boss depending on the type of structure.

The skeleton boss is the necromancer, or the stronger version, the Lich. The pirate boss is the Pirate King. The pirate king on the airship has no health bar and he will turn invisible and has 500 of health plus the shield to block some damage and he will teleport behind you. Good advice for beating him is to set your spawn in the sleeping quarters and keep trying. Occasionally, a pirate will drop an ingot or a diamond when killed. Once you kill them all, harvest their iron wings, cannons, and everything else! The dwarves' boss is the Exterminator prototype. The pyramid only has a boss, which is an odd looking fireball shooting monster.(It is the sphinx.) Once the pyramid boss is defeated, the room fills with lava so mind the gasp.

Inside the volcano is where the dwarves live, and you will get epicly pwned if you dive head first, because they can spawn while your on the floor above the spawner, it is spinning faster and faster, so when you got down there a mini ninja in diamond-clad armor will knock you to a pit of lava all the way to bedrock, so, take it slowly, and the deeper you go, the worse the spawners, so while you might think you can take them in iron armor and you kill some average armored dwarfs, you will end up getting over ran by a mob of diamond-clad dwarfs riding lavafish or red super-sized silverfish. If you survive, you get to go to the brick maze of surprise attacks, where the boss, the prototype terminator resides, and there is a heck load of spawners. (In Yogbox, You keep your inventory on death, but you still lose your experience. Just a quick tip)

The exterminator prototype is a much stronger version of the standard golems that wander around the volcano. He has no powers so he is arguably the easiest boss to defeat. swords should do the trick there is also one diamond block in a chest room at the top of the brick maze

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