Big Cat.jpg
XP - 3(?)
Drop - Leather, Bigcat Claws
Heath - ?
Attack - ?
Spawn - ?
  • Big cats are a type of mob added by the Mo' Creatures mod.


  • There are five different kinds of big cats:
  • Lions (male and female), which can spawn in prairies (grassy/hills) biomes, or snow biomes.(You must wait until they are an adult to tell if it is a male or a female)
  • Tigers (orange and white)[white tigers are more rare], which can spawn in prairie biomes, or snow biomes. 
  • Panthers, which spawn in prairie biomes, easily found beside villages in that region.
  • Cheetah, spawning in prairie biomes, easily found by villages in that region.
  • Snow leopards, spawning in snow biomes.


  • All of the big cats will be quiet most of the time, but attack random mobs that are smaller than themselves or attack the player if he comes too close.
  • Male lions do not attack, as in the real world only female lions will attack unprovoked.


  • Upon death the big cats will drop leather and BigCat Claws which are used for crafting whips. as well as being useful for trading in multiplayer.


  • Big cats can only be tamed when young. There will be two adults (untamable adults) in order for a cub to be found. To tame a big cat, you have to throw raw porkchop or raw fish at a cub, which it will promptly eat. Once tamed you can rename it using a medallion, and make it follow you by either holding raw fish/porkchop in your hand or by tying a rope to them. Once tied to you they will teleport to your position if they cannot reach where you have gone.
  • You can make them sit using the whip, or make them stand with the same tool. Once tamed, the big cats will only attack mobs which (attempt to) attack you (or itself).They also attack cats and horses when fully grown. Feeding them raw porkchop/raw fish will heal any injured Big cats. If a big cat is low on health, it may attack nearby mobs (animals) to gain health. Keep them away from other mobs. NO, they cannot be bred yet. 


  • Whip

BigCat Claw


BigCat Claw


BigCat Claw




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