XP - 
Drop -  Feathers
Heath - 0

Attack - Not Hostile

Spawn - Overworld

Summary Edit


Birds just walk around, usually near trees, and fly away when approached. By throwing seeds and holding shift, the bird will eat the seed and allow you to pick them up with a right click.

Birds come in red, blue, green, white, black, and yellow. They drop feathers when killed, and aren't hostile. There is no way to fully tame a bird, so you cannot name it. They may despawn, but if you tamed a bird then it will not.

When you have a bird on your head, you will not take fall damage, and you will slowly float down. If you walk into a room with the height of only two blocks for the player, the bird will suffocate to death.

You can also make a bird house. (Updated version?)

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