A Citizen Hut is a manmade block in Yogbox. It is crafted by placing 8 wooden planks around a torch. A Town Hall must be placed down before you can place this down. It would be wise to give it space as you may want to get a builder to build the hut.

When placed, settlers spawned from the Town Hall seem to go towards it, possibly to get a home before someone else does. It can house a maximum of 2 settlers. 1 man, 1 women.

When a settler has a ciizen hut, they will be able to get a job (e.g lumberjack, builder, ect.)

The first 8 settlers will spawn without the need of a citizen hut but after that you need to place more down for more settlers.

At night, the settlers living there will stay there and not work.

It cannot be found in creative mode and must be crafted using a crafting table.

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