A citizen hut is a hut in which a citzen will spawn. It is crafted by putting wood like a chest and then putting a torch in the middle. You will require a Builder and a Builder Hut, which is made by putting wood like a chest and a wooden door or iron door in the middle, to build the Citizen hut or any other huts. Citizen hut increases the amount of villagers. The Citizen Hut has one male villager and one female villager. The male villager will take a job if one is open and the female villager wil just roam around killing animals and such. The Villagers will stay by the Citizen Hut until it is built which then they will live inside of the house that was built.

The Citizen Hut can be upgraded up to 3 times not including the first stage (when you build it). When you first build it, which is done by pressing on the already placed citizen hut and then pressing information the build house, it will be a small wooden hut with nothing inside it. When you upgrade it the first time, which  is done by going on the citizen chest-information-build house, it will be a small hut made out of stone and cobblestone. Now it will have a furnace and a very small kitchen-type area. The second time you upgrade it, it will be a two story house made out of stone brick that has a green wool roof and a balcony. When you do this upgrade, the villagers living in it will become nobles and will pay more taxes. The last time you upgrade it, it will be a three story house that resembles a very small castle. It has a big balcony and a red wool roof. This upgrade allows the villagers to become aristocrats, which pay even more taxes than the nobles!

This procedure of upgrading the house, although worth it, is very resource consuming. You need a lot of stone, cobblestone, wool (any color, your builder will change the color), and wood.

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