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Comparaison between Crafting Table II and a vanilla Crafting Table

The Crafting Table II is a crafting table that scans the items in your inventory and displays them in a chest-like manner. You may select an item from this interface and it will appear in a 9x2 area below the item area. This is a seperate mod and is compatible with all mod items in The Yogbox. The recipe to create this table is very simple. It is created by using a Book and a Crafting table. This table is not only able to create items like chests from wood in your inventory, it may craft through multiple levels.


The Crafting Table II looks similar to the regular crafting table, however it has some defining characteristics that set it appart from the vanilla Crafting Table. It is slightly smaller, has a cabnet that opens when the player approaches it which contains the same tools that can be seen on a vanilla Crafting Table, and it has a book on the table itself. 

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