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the creepface 700 is a special mob of bosslike porprtions it spawns quite rarely i have only observd it once in an ocean it spawnd spontaniosly in broad daylight i dont halve a screenshot but iwill do my best to discribe it it had (takes breath) steveish porprtions it had bleachd white skin, creeper facial features , a black sute with gold buttons, a rapid fire bow , colud teleport, toss splash potins of harming when it teleported ,note in dark the splash teleporting can be mistaken for death however , it xplodes on death , note , drops stuff before it explodes so what ever it drops you need to run in quik to get it before it goes boom with creeper y size and total item ditrution PPS explosion does masive damedge PPPS u are not safe on the seas

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