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Crystal Wisps are small, floating creatures that resemble a Vis crystal encased in some sort of glowing bubble. Depending on the type of wisp, they can have varying attacks, such as poison (Earth wisp), lightning (Air wisp) and others. Wisps spawn in areas with a high concentration of whichever Vis type they are comprised of, and their drops will correspond as well. Wisps will drop 1 or more Vis crystals of their current type when killed, and will follow you if attacked. Tainted wisps, however, will ONLY spawn in chunks that have a particularly high taint aura (50%+ or so), and will drop Tainted vis crystals

They may also drop a cracked wisp shell, an artifact classified as forbidden.

Wisps can also give beneficial effects to nearby players and (confirmed through the use of damage indicators in independent testing) heal passive and neutral mobs. They are formidable in combat, though, and should probably be left alone. Untainted wisps will also lower the taint aura of an area. They are frequently hunted by ambitious researchers for their shells and shards. However, wisps are moderately rare and in killing them, you hurt the environment (and yourself).

Fighting a Wisp:

To Fight a wisp it is my recommendation that you first hit with a sword, run away quickly, then hit it with a bow or crossbow.