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New in 2.8 are Dolphins, the horse of the sea. Dolphins can be tamed and bred similarly to horses. Dolphins do not require a saddle to be ridden. If a Dolphin gets onto land it will start to take damage as it is not in water. If you do not reduce a Dolphins temper it will buck you off when you get onto it. They become agressive when attacked by the player. They can be named by right clicking on them with a medallion.

Food Edit

Currently (2.8) there is only one food that can reduce their temper

Food Effect
Fish -25 temper (To a minimum of 1)

Types of Dolphin Edit

There are currently (V2.8) 7 different types of dolphin with different speeds, temperaments, and chance to spawn in the wild. ====

All dolphins have 30 health

Breed/color Speed Temper SpawnChance
Blue 1.5 50 36%
Green 2.5 100 25%
Purple 3.5 150 25%
Dark 4.5 200 11%
Pink 5.5 250 2%









Breeding Edit

Dolphin breeding works rather differently than horse breeding.

To breed dolphins you will require:

  • 2 cooked fish
  • 2 dolphins
  • (assumed)A place where they are within 4 squares of each other and 8 squares minimum away from you and other dolphins
  • (assumed)5 minutes or half a Minecraft day to you're whole life

To breed dolphins you must give each a cooked fish. Unlike horses dolphins cannot become sterile and may breed indefinitely.After 5 minutes there will be a 3rd dolphin.If the two dolphins are of the same breed they will always have a baby of that breed, otherwise their Total Genetic Value (TGV) determines both the chance of getting a certain breed and which breed will be gotten.

If their TGV is less than 5 and they are of different breeds there is a 1/3 chance of breeding a dolphin whose genetic value is equal to the TGV. If TGV is 5 or 6 and they are of different breeds there is a 1/10 chance of breeding a dolphin whose genetic value is equal to the TGV. If the breed is not determined in this manner it will be dertermined as for spawning a wild dolphin.

Dolphin Genetic Value
Blue 1
Green 2
Dark 3
Purple 4
Pink 5





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