Glass BottleEdit

The Glass Bottle is an item used to pick up water to make Water Bottles, which is the starting point of the Brewing process.


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<p style="line-height:19.200000762939453px;color:rgb(0,0,0);font-family:sans-serif;">Glass bottles can be used to make Water Bottles which can be used to brew items with a Brewing Stand.

Bottles may only be filled by using a water source block or a filledCauldron. If filled via water source, the water will be unaffected. If filled via cauldron, however, 1/3 of the water in the cauldron will be removed. Therefore, using a Cauldron to fill bottles is inefficient, except in the Nether where it is normally the only way to fill bottles. Glass Bottles are used to hold potions.

Crafting Edit

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