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Greatwood Tree

Greatwood trees are trees which are larger than most other trees. They can only grow in forests with high enough Aura ratings. It is believed they would not be able to support the weight of their own branches in lesser auras.

The wood gathered from these trees can be put to much the same use as normal wood, but enchanting it in an infuser yields more than normal wood would. 

Rarely, these trees have a chest on one of the branches with some items in it.


Greatwood logs come from Greatwood trees. The Axe of the Stream has an easier time cutting these down since Treecapitator does not work on Greatwood trees.

Greatwood logs give an additional Enchanted Wood (5) when used in a Thaumic Infuser compared to normal logs (4). The log can be duplicated in the Thaumic Duplicator.

Greatwood Trees naturally will spawn when there are more than 6000 Aura in a Forest Biome.

The saplings only grow when the aura in the chunk is greater than 7000 (Needs more testing. Tested to work around 8000 vis in the chunk with 1 Greatwood Sapling needed). Grow time varies, and bone meal does not work.

Greatwood trees always grow to at least a 2 x 2 tree. They can grow without space between trees but, as with the normal trees, branches over the sapling affect the final height. Branches of the Greatwood tree can grow up to 6 spaces from the tree.

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