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Ink Sacs are a vanilla item. They can be used for dyes or to craft the Quaesitum.

Obtaining One Edit

Ink Sacs can be obtained by killing squid. In yogbox however, squid only spawn at night and in fewer numbers. To locate squid it is best to consider and perform the following:

  • Make sure your difficulty setting is set to Normal or above

  • Make sure you are searching strictly at night (as per the above mentioning squid only spawn at night on yogbox)

  • Make sure the Mo' Creatures settings are in correct order. This requires you to have all water mobs (except squid) set to their lowest value and that vanilla Minecraft mobs are set to not despawn to prevent the squid from despawning over short periods of time

  • Keep a tight search around fresh water lakes as well as nearby ocean biomes (it is sometimes best to explore deep into an ocean biome for quickest results)

  • Use Rei's Minimap to locate squid at long distances (Squid are the only creature on the minimap that show up as a blue circle making them very easy to spot among other creature types. For people who do not know how to use Rei's minimap to its full potential please open the mod using the ~ key by default in game and refer to the key config section which should answer any if not most questions).

  • [Optional(*)]: Make sure that dynamic updates are set to on to ensure that chunk updates continue to occur even while the player is not moving (dynamic updates can be found under: Options>Video Settings>Performance)

  • [Optional(+)]: Remove the Mo' creatures mod from the yogbox modpack and reload your game. Squid should begin spawning as normal if everything is done correctly.

If all else fails, cut your losses and create a new world after all the above (non-optional) tasks have been performed.

(*)For slower machines dynamic updates may create unwanted lag, please use with discretion.

(+)It is not recommended to alter the yogbox pack or any modpack without having some knowledge regarding Minecraft modding. If you do not possess the required knowledge then it is highly recommended that you look up a detailed walkthrough on how this is done. Lack of knowing what you are doing can result to corrupting files, losing your entire progress and other unwanted side effects. If you decide to try this method anyway please keep these things in mind and continue at your own discretion/risk.


Ink Sacs are only used for the Quaesitum recipe and for dying wool.

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