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The Results of My encounter Of Israphel -PenguinBlah

On Easy-Hard israphel will probably have spawned...He can turn invisible,he explodes every so often and may teleport behind you.He sports a bow and gold sword,he has infinite arrows and infinite durability on his sword

What Israphel Does

Israphel will only spawn when it naturally rains in your Yogbox world. He will then shoot arrows at you very quickly. If you try to hit him not long after he spawns, he won't take damage. If you go inside your house, Israphel will teleport into it with a golden sword. He can also hold a golden shovel. Upon his "death" which is a huge explosion, he drops a golden apple and a piece of obsidion. The rain will not stop until he explodes. He is not in the Yogbox files.

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