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The Results of My encounter Of Israphel -PenguinBlah

Israphel can only spawn on Easy-Hard modes, and is a lethal oponent if you are not properly protected. He looks much like the Player in a Tux, but he has a white Creeper face with red eyes and mouth instead of black. 

What Israphel Does

Israphel will only spawn when it naturally rains in your Yogbox world. If you try to hit him not long after he spawns, he won't take damage. If you go inside your house, Israphel will teleport into it with a golden sword. He can also hold a golden shovel at times. The rain will not stop until he explodes. He is not in the Yogbox files.

Fighting Strategy

Israphel will try and circle you either to the left or the right, shooting an arrow at you every second. If you approach him, he will still circle you, but switch to a Golden Sword and try to move backwards. The best thing to do it to try and corner him, then move in front of his path and strike him with a sword. Upon his death, he will appear to sink into the ground. If damaged during the sinking phase, he will Creeper Hiss and violently explode, dropping a few Golden Apples and 1-3 blocks of Obsidian, and a very large amount of XP. 

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