Master's Staff

The Master's Staff is part of the Minions ModIt is used to summon and control Minions

To gain the Master's Staff, you must commit evil 4 times. Press G, and press the button saying 'Commit to evil'. Select the option that you think is the most evil, and each time a malecious voice will tell you that 'The Gods are pleased with your sacrifice.' After completing this 4 times, you will be given a Master's Staff. 

These are also the steps to follow if you want to use the minion mod and you press G and get "The Darkness listens..."


These instructions are written for Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Notepad or a text editor of your choice and go to open a file.
  2. In File name type %appdata%\.techniclauncher\yogbox\mods\mod_minions_evils.cfg
  3. Press Ctrl+F, and type in 'evilDeedXPCost:'
  4. When you have found it, change the number from -1 to 2 Save the file
  5. Now start the Yogbox!
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