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Minecraft Minions is a mod in the Yogbox that adds minions that you can command.

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They can follow you, be sent to places, chop down forests, can carry you and animals, dig mineshafts with stairs, dig out where you tell them, mine ore, strip mine and return their loot to you or a chest.

Minions are gained by performing evil, then using the Master staff you gain as a result.

A player can have up to 4 minions at one time, but this can be changed in the .cfg file of the mod.

Master staff[]

The Master staff allows you to spawn and control minions.

This can not be found in a dungeon or tower.

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To spawn a minion, right click with the Master staff Selected.

After you have spawned 4 minions, you can command them.

Commanding Minions[]

Commanding Minions is done with the Master staff.

To command your minions to move, simply right click on the block where you wish them to be.

To command your minions to follow you, right click and hold the mouse button briefly.

To command a minion to carry you, right click on the block on which you are standing.

To command a minion to carry an animal, right click on the block on which the animal is standing.

To command a minion to cut down a forest, right click a tree. Be warned, they will keep going unless you issue another command.

To command a minion to mine an ore vein right click on the ore.

Right click minions to get them to drop whatever they have collected.

To get the minions to put what they have collected in a chest right click a chest from a slight distance (so you dont open it)


In order to access the Master Staff you must gain 8 levels.

After gaining 8 levels press "m" and choose commit to evil.

repeat this process 4 times (if done successfully)

After you complete this you will have the master Staff placed in your inventory

Right click to summon minions (this costs hunger so keep food handy)

Press m to open the menu again and click whatever option you need to use.

Advanced Commands[]

Advanced commands are accessed by pressing G.

Select the area on which you would like them to perform the task by right clicking.

Dig Mineshaft[]

Minions digging a mineshaft

The minions will dig a 5x5 mineshaft, complete with stairs, all the way down to level 8

Strip Mine[]

A single minion will dig a 2x1 corridor for 32 blocks, collecting any ores along the way.

As this uses a single minion you can have 4 minions strip mining at once.

Using minions without finding the Master staff[]

To balance between the mods, you must find a Master staff to use the minions.

However, this can be changed if desired.

These are also the steps to follow if you want to use the minion mod and you press G and get "The Darkness listens..."


These instructions are written for Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Notepad or a text editor of your choice and go to open a file.
  2. In File name type %appdata%\.techniclauncher\yogbox\mods\mod_minions_evils.cfg
  3. Next to evilDeedXPCost: change it from -1 to 1
  4. Save
  5. Now start the Yogbox!

These instructions are written for Windows 10

  1. Open A text pad editor or notepad
  2. Find your mod pack installation location, if it exists within forge you will have a instances folder that will then direct you to your modpack.
  3. Find the Config folder within the modpack folder
  4. open up Minion.cfg
  5. Change what is needed/desired
  6. save
  7. Restart the modpack and do evil >:)

Performing Evil[]

What evil shall I do today...

To gain a Master staff you must perform evil tasks 4 times.

To do this press M and choose "Commit to Evil"

Then choose your evil task!

Each evil task takes XP from you.

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