Stwory to mod w Yogboksie, który dodaje stwory, dostępne możesz dowodzić .

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They can follow you, be sent to places, chop down forests, can carry you and animals, dig mineshafts with stairs, dig out where you tell them, mine ore, strip mine and return their loot to you or a chest.

Minions are gained by performing evil, then using the Master's Staff you gain as a result.

A player can have up to 4 minions at one time, but this can be changed in the .cfg file of the mod.

Master Staff

The Master Staff allows you to spawn and control minions.

Click M to do an evil deed, then you will get the master staff after you have done it 4 times.

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To spawn a minion, right click with the Master Staff Selected.

After you have spawned as many minions as you want (up to 1000000 if you change the .cfg), you can command them to do your deeds.

Commanding Minions

The Master Staff allows you to control your minions and they can do the following:

To command your minions to move, simply right click on the block where you wish them to be.

To command your minions to follow you, right click and hold the mouse button briefly.

To command a minion to carry you, right click on the block on which you are standing.

To command a minion to carry an animal, right click on the block on which the animal is standing.

To command a minion to cut down a forest, right click a tree. Be warned, they will keep going unless you issue another command.

To command a minion to mine an ore vein right click on the ore.

Right click minions to get them to drop whatever they have collected.

To get the minions to put what they have collected in a chest right click a chest from a slight distance (so you don't open it)

Advanced Commands

Advanced commands are accessed by pressing M.

Select the area on which you would like them to perform the task by right clicking.

Dig Mine shaft

Minions digging a mineshaft

The minions will dig a 5x5 mine shaft, complete with stairs, all the way down to level 8.

Strip Mine

As this uses a single minion you can have 4 minions strip mining at once.


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