Placing a mud brick. Wet and dry mud bricks shown on left, Brick Mould in foreground.

The Mud Brick is a construction block included in the Millenaire mod and is a major material in Hindu villages.

To create mud bricks, you need to purchase a Brick Mould from the Chief's house or the fort; both found in a Hindi village. The tool resembles a ladder in your inventory. Upon right clicking on a block with the Brick Mould in hand, 1 dirt block and 1 sand block will be consumed from your inventory to create a wet brick (with a unique dark brown) on the surface that you clicked. The wet brick is needed for the creation of mud bricks. An easy way to get them are to take them from the floor of the bricklayer's area.

If left out in the sun, the wet brick will dry into a mud brick. It takes a random amount of time for a wet brick to dry, and because of the need of direct sunlight will not dry overnight or under cover of other blocks. The resultant mud brick (notable for its much lighter beige) can be used for personal construction purposes or can be sold to a Hndi village for 3 Denier.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are three types of brick included in the Millenaire mod; the wet brick, mud brick and Cooked brick .
  • A mud brick is the sun-dryed version of the wet brick, and the cooked brick is a mud brick that has been cooked in a furnace.
  • Only the mud brick and cooked brick can be sold to Hindi villages.
  • Mud brick can also be found in deserted houses, found in the desert.
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