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The Musket is a ranged weapon that can kill most enemies in very few shots. A bayonet can be added to it to make it a formidable melee weapon as well.


How to craft the musket stock:

Musket 1

How to craft the musket barrel:

Musket 2

How to craft the musket:

Musket 3

How to craft ammunition for the musket:

Musket 5

As you can see, the musket isn't a cheap thing to craft. If you take the price of the ammunition into consideration, one should probably only use the musket with bosses and in emergencies.

How to load/reload a musket

To load a musket, you have to hold down the right mouse key. You need a musket ball to load the musket, and you do not need any gunpowder as that is included in the recipe for the musket ball. Reloading takes time, making it a dangerous thing to do with an enemy nearby. When it is loaded, you can use the right mouse key to take aim, and release it to fire.

Musket Round recipeEdit

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The bayonet is a knife which can be attached to the barrel of the musket, and allows it to act like a sword. It does not require ammunition, but it does a lot less damage than the regular use of the musket.

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