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Nature Scroll

The nature scroll is a mystical item found in hidden dungeon chests that has the ability to change nature. 

When right clicked on dirt, the nature scroll has the same effect as bonemeal, growing tall grass and flowers. When clicked on a sheep, its wool coat will change colour. When clicked on a pig, it will magically change form into a pigman. The pigmen don't take damage; when attacked, the amount of damage they would have taken is displayed. When placed on some surfaces it will spawn a regular pig

The result of Pigs + Nature scroll

Usage of the scroll depletes your hunger levels. so it is recommended to have a large quantity of food with you when using it.

Here is a vampiric scroll

Right Bottom side of the pic is a vampiric scroll

.It's function is like a weapon but it's slower and is a ranged one.Right click to launch a small ball towards your enemy.When launched,it's like launching an eye of ender, with purple sparkles.

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