ThaumCraft.png Pickaxe of the Core contains information about the ThaumCraft_2 mod.
Pickaxe of the Core
Pickaxe of the Core.png
A very handy pick.
Name Pickaxe of the Core
Physics static
Tool Pickaxe
Stackable false
Mod Included ThaumCraft

The Pickaxe of the Core creates a 3x3x3 block hole instead of picking one block at a time. It's appears to only work on Stone and minerals. Pick of the Core has about the same amount of durability as a thaumium pick

Not only does the pickaxe of the core mine, but by right-clicking, it can lead you to the closest Ore ( This includes rarer ores like Iron and Diamonds!) or Vis Crystal. This, however, will reduce the Pickaxe's durability slightly.

In order to obtain this pick it must be researched at the Quaesitum, or found in a Dungeon. These are quite frequent, though, so don't be afraid to go looking for one. The Pickaxe of the Core is relativly easy to research, too. It is classified as Lost Knowledge.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Because of its somewhat low durability, it is recommended that you repair it or enchant it with Unbreaking.
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