XP - ?
Drop - Raw Fish
Heath - ?
Attack - ?
Spawn - Water, any light level

This needs to be tested

Summary Edit

Piranhas are red and will attack anything that falls in the water. You can deactivate piranhas with the in game menu

Fishbowls can be used to capture, transport and release small fish. You can craft a fishbowl with four pieces of glass. an empty fishbowl can be filled with water

A fishbowl with water can be used to capture small fish. The fishbowl can be placed in the world and carried around in your head. If you want to bring a fishbowl back to your inventory, just right click on it while holding any pickaxe.

Like bigcats or sharks, piranhas will spawn in peaceful but will not hurt you unless you hurt them.

Craft Edit

Fishbowl (Needs to be tested)

Crafting GUI.png

Source - Minecraft Forums

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