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ThaumCraft Quicksilver contains information about the ThaumCraft_2 mod.
Quicksilver is a metal which can be obtained in balls by cutting Silverwood leaves (drops at a rate similar to apple drops in normal trees). It can also be obtained by smelting Cinnabar Ore. You must make discoveries (lost type) in order to use quicksilver.
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Quicksilver CoreEdit

Quicksilver's only confirmed use is to make a quicksilver core.
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The recipe for infusing a Quicksilver Core

In order to infuse a quicksilver core, you must research at a Quaesitum until you form a theory of it, you must then research the theory until you get a discovery. Right-clicking while holding the discovery shows you the menu on the right, and also makes you actually able to infuse one. A quicksilver core is essentially just a speed upgrade to any of your thaumic machines. 


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  • Quicksilver is another word for the liquid metal mercury.
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