XP - 5
Drop - String
Health - ?
Attack - Chance of Poisoning
Spawn - Night, Day, (In the desert)

Scorpions are aggressive mobs added by the Mo' Creatures mod. They are like spiders, but they have a tail and sharp pincers. They share the trait of being able to climb up walls and rarely on the player. They are easily distinguished by the insect sounds they make. During the day scorpions will only attack if provoked, but at night they become very aggressive. When hit by a scorpion, players have a chance of being poisoned. They seem to be able to "smell you out" through walls, so if you live in a underground house be careful when coming out as there may be scorpions outside your door.

Green and brown scorpions are poisonous types, blue scorpions, which spawn on snow, will slow you down, and red scorpions, found in the nether, will set you on fire.

Scorpions will sometimes spawn a few baby scorpions upon death, and as of MC 1.4.7, baby scorpions will realistically ride on the backs of their mothers until the mother is killed. They are similar to the full sized scorpions in terms of combat capability, and will drop string on death.Babies and Adults both share the same hitbox, so fighting Baby Scorpions can be quite risky if there is a large group of them. Adults will drop "Scorpion Sting." Baby scorpions don't always spawn aggressive, and can be right clicked to pick them up. This causes a bug where if a large scorpion is right clicked, it will jump up with a pop noise. Scorpions are untamable.

Source - Minecraft Forums

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