Scrolls are magical items found all over the map. They have a variety of uses, from setting things on fire to giving you health. They all cost hunger points, with the exception of the Hunger Scroll, which costs health.

Scroll Varieties

Bounce Scroll

This scroll costs one hunger to fire an orb of yellow knockback energy. To fire, hold and release right-click. The orb sends entities spinning, but has no real other uses that I've found. If anyone finds anything, feel free to add :D

Fire Scroll

This item has two uses. It can fire a barrage of flames (Similarly to a Wand of Fire, only costing hunger, not durability), and it can also just light mobs on fire with a punch. The punch costs no hunger, but the fire beam costs a hunger for every 3 tiny flames.

Heal Scroll

This scroll is consumed like a potion, healing two hearts for every half hunger. Useful with the hunger scroll, or just with food.

Hunger Scroll

The opposite of the Heal Scroll, this heals two hunger for every half heart. These two can be used together to completely heal the player except for half a hunger or heart.

Mining Scroll

The scroll will take one hunger to mine any block instantly if used enough then will act as a pick of the core and mine a 3x3x3 section instantly.

Nature Scroll

This scroll will summon 2 pigs if u will right click at hold it.

Teleport Scroll

This scroll sumons a magical portal, simulare to the eyes of teleportation, which when you right-click it, sends you far away in the direction that the white collored side is pointing. You will then be standing on another portal pointing against the first portal created and thereby be able to teleport back to where you came from. This has infinite uses.

Vampiric Scroll

Walker Scroll

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