The Soul Dagger is a weapon that you can get at the beginning of a world, by pressing R with a Wooden Sword in your hand and selecting "Dagger". Like other soul weapons, it has no durability. It has the least Damage and Knockback of the two other weapons, but has the most Critical out of the two.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

At level 2, you gain the ability to throw your dagger, dealing some damage to enemies at long range. At Level 5, you get a free perk point. At Level 6, you gain the ability to pierce through enemies by throwing your dagger. The ability is "Perforate"(meaning Piercing, or pierced). At Level 10, you get another perk point. At level 11 you get a free stat point. At Level 12, you get "return". Now, when you throw your dagger, it comes back to you!(If it hasn't hit any blocks. If it did, it will stick to that block).At level 15, you get another perk point. At level 16, you get "Sneak Return" and your dagger finally gets an enchanted glow. If you throw your dagger at a block, and it doesn't come back, just sneak(default: shift button), and it comes back to you! Level 20, free perk point.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Level Effect
2 Throwing
5 Free Perk Point
6 Preforate
10 Free Perk Point
11 Stat Point
12 Return
15 Free Perk Point
16 Sneak Return, Enchanted Glow
20 Free Perk Point

I am still updating this page. Pictures or videos will come soon, probably. Until then, enjoy your soul dagger, and maybe post what you find out in the comments!

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