Teleport Scrolls are rare items found in dungeons.


Teleport scrolls are used by holding one in your hand and right clicking a neearby block. This results in a spinning portal being formed, make sure there is two blocks of clearence above the portal. When right clicked on the portal takes you to a random location and stops spinning. They generally take you places of some importance, like the Hall of Fame or a battle tower, but have been known to drop the player into a random location and then destroy themselves due to spawning underground, effectively leaving the player stranded. The portals spawn the player on top of the portal which is why you need two block clearence, otherwise you will suffocate yourself. When you no longer want a random blue and white rectangle in your house simple punch the portal until it disapears.


  • Portals can suffocate the player by porting them inside blocks.
  • Portals can be created inside blocks, which will destroy the portal.
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