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<pre>{{External redirect|wikia:technicpack:Technic Pack Wiki}}</pre>
<pre>{{External redirect|wikia:technicpack:Technic Pack Wiki}}</pre>
<noinclude>[[Category:Template documentation]]</noinclude>

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Template for external redirects. Can be used to redirect readers to an article on a different wiki if a subject is not covered by the Yogbox Wiki but the article is frequently created/searched for. Adds the page to Category:External redirects.

Based on {{Mbox}}.


{{External redirect|link without brackets}}


{{#vardefine:icon-highuse|}}{{#vardefine:icon-link|}}{{#vardefine:icon-image|Icon question.png}}{{#vardefine:icon-tooltip|Unrecognized icon name}}{{#vardefine:icon-size-word|normal}}{{#vardefine:icon-size|}}{{#vardefine:icon-image|Icon required.png}}{{#vardefine:icon-tooltip|Required}}{{#var:icon-tooltip}}[[{{#var:icon-link}}|​]]
<unnamed 1>

Link to article on a different wiki. Use interwiki link format without enclosing brackets ([[]]).


{{External redirect|wikia:technicpack:Technic Pack Wiki}}
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