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This template is used to create a grid that looks similar to the Crafting Table's GUI screen.


Wooden Planks



To use insert this into the page source

Copying the template is easier than typing it out every time, just fill in the blanks or leave them empty.

{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1= |B1= |C1=
|A2= |B2= |C2=
|A3= |B3= |C3=
|Output= |OA=

Items in the grid are set by parameters A1 to C3 in the following formation:


For example, the above grid was made using this code:

{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A2= |B2= |C2=
|A3= |B3= |C3=
|Output=Wooden Planks |OA=4

To use, insert the item name you wish to use next to the = of the corresponding slot in the grid. Putting it next to A2= , for example, will put in position A2 on the grid (middle left). If possible, please use the exact item name you get when hovering over the item in your inventory.

The wiki will try to find an image for the item by looking for an image at Image:Grid <name of item>. For Example: A1 is set to wood, so the wiki looks for the image of wood at Image:Grid Wood

Each item can have a custom link by setting the "-link" parameter. For Example: A2-link would set a custom link for item A2. If this parameter is omitted, the template will attempt to use [[item]]. For Example: If C2 was "Generator", then the image would try to link to [[Generator]].

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