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This template provides a uniform design for mob pages.

Parameter Function Default value
title Optional value to use a different title instead of the page name {{BASEPAGENAME}}
image Image of the mob (should be approx. 150x150px) Can use None to force no image. {{{title}}}.png if it exists, otherwise No image.svg (linking to the page where to upload the missing image)
imagesize Adjusts the size of the image 200px
image2 Second image for two-state mobs (also approx. 200x200px) None
image2size Adjusts the size of the secondary image 200px
image3 Third image for three-state mobs (also approx. 200x200px) None
image3size Adjusts the size of the third image 200px
health The mob's health None
armor The mob's armor None
damage The damage hostile mobs cause to the player None
spawn Spawn details None
score The score the mob gives on being killed in Survival Test None
firstver First version that it was seen in (eg. Alpha 1.0.17, classic 0.0.23a). None
id The entity's ID number as seen in Minecraft network traffic (0-255) None
entityid The entity's EntityID as seen in saved worlds None
drops What the entity drops when destroyed None
raredrops The rare drops the entity may drop when destroyed None
sounds The sound effects of the entity None

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