Thaumcraft 2 is a mod that introduces a new magical power source, called Vis (pronounced veez). Vis can be created using several different methods.

Notable Additions

Vis Crystals

Vis Crystals are used to open Eldritch Monoliths and some Thaumcraft recipes.


Items ranging in rarity from common to exceptional can be studied at a Quaesitum (See below) for better results than normal blocks.


An added block which functions similiar to a workbench, it allows you to reasearch new uses of Vis and new items, artifacts and equipment to craft. Three items and a piece of paper (or scroll) are consumed in the attempt. You chance of making a discovery depends on the value of the blocks and scrolls used in the research attempt.

- How to craft:

feather--|---glass bottle---|--ink sac

gold ingot-|--gold ingot-|--gold ingot


Eldridritch Monoliths

2012-07-17 17.10.56

Eldritch Monolith at night.

Black monoliths found on the overworld which can only be opened by inserting the correct crystals into the adjacent sides. To see the "combination" to open the monolith, you must craft and wear the Goggles of Revealing. If a crystal is inserted into an incorrect slot, it explodes dealing minor damage, destroying the crystal. However, if the correct crystals are placed in the correct slots, a hole that goes directly to bedrock layer opens, which is far enough a fall to kill you instantly even at full health with full diamond armor on. However, if you descend safely, you gain access to unique chests and artifacts useful for research at your Quaesitum.
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