ThaumCraft Thaumic Crystalizer contains information about the ThaumCraft_2 mod.
Thaumic Crystalizer
Type Thaumic Machine
Physics No
Tool File:Grid Wooden Pickaxe.png
Stackable No
Mod Included Thaumcraft

This Arcane device can convert liquid Vis back into Vis crystals by re-energizing Depleted crystals. The type of crystals produced are semi random (influenced by the surroundings.) It can also transform existing crystals into different types.

Is clasified as Lost Knowledge

Crafting GUI.png

Vaporous Crystal

Earthen Crystal

Gold Ingot

Vis Crystal


Iron Ingot

Aqueous Crystal

Fiery Crystal

Gold Ingot

Thaumic Crystalizer

Usage Edit

This device has two uses: Recharging depleted crystals or changing a crystal's type. The crystalizer takes 30 vis to recharge a depleted crystal and 20 vis to change the type of crystal.

You can obtain depleted crystals from the Thaumic Infuser as a by-product from certain infusions, or from using crystals in the Vis Condenser.

The biome determines the type of crystal you will receive. Normally, a depleted crystal will become fiery, vaporous, aqueous, earthen, or vis. Upgrading the crystalizer with Concentrated Evil enables the device to produce tainted crystals in addition to the five other crystals.

Using a depleted crystal in the device will produce any of the five crystals (six if you include include tainted; *requires the upgrade), but a charged crystal has greater chances of becoming a vis crystal, a tainted crystal, or the biome-determined crystal. For example, a crystal produced in the Plains biome will probably become vis, tainted, or vaporous.

Automation Edit

Input: bottom

Output: sides


You can boost the speed of the crystalizer using Seals

Quicksilver Core Boosts the speed.

Stabilized Singularity Reduces the vis cost by 10%.

Concentrated Evil Can produce Tainted Crystals

Crystal ChancesEdit

A gathering of test data using Crystalizers with quicksilver and stablized singularity upgrades, and triple magic speed boost runic seals. They are sort of random, but will give you some idea of the chances. Some figures may be rounded.

Biome Earthen Aqueous Vis Vaporous Fiery
Plains 15% (155/1024) 14% (146/1024) 28% (290/1024) 29% (302/1024) 12% (131/1024)
Desert 16% (171/1024) 15% (155/1024) 13% (135/1024) 26% (274/1024) 28% (289/1024)
Jungle 29% (301/1024) 13% (135/1024) 28% (287/1024) 14% (146/1024) 15% (155/1024)
Taiga 36% (371/1024) 13% (141/1024) 14% (147/1024) 17% (179/1024)

18% (186/1024)


15.6%100/640 29.7%190/640 17.2%110/640 18.8%120/640 18.8%120/640


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