FalconF11 FalconF11 24 May 2013

Crystal Farm!

Day 255

I researched a Vis crystal in the quaesitum and I right away got the theory for a "Crystaline Bell"!! I was so excited to start my own crystal farm. To do this, you simply make an ore of any type of crystal by filling up the crafting table spaces with one type of crystal and you right click the ore on a wall or floor somewhere. Then a cluster of crystals will appear. The Crystaline Bell lets you take individual crystals from the cluster and leave one crystal for the cluster to regrow! I now have a surplus of crystals!!

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FalconF11 FalconF11 22 May 2013

So Much Rain!!

Day 201-207

It has been raining for 6 days straight now day and night! I was expecting Israphel to come but he didn't! Really strange. Anyways, I just turned the weather off then back on because the rain was really bothering me.

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FalconF11 FalconF11 21 May 2013


Day 200 of my yogbox world.

I was coming back to my flying pirate ship base and  i was in the water swimming. I suddenly got shot by something and I thought "Probably a skeleton." So i turned around to kill it and I see the pale face of Israphel.  I was extremely scared and if it werent for my cloud boots I would've died. The cloud boots make you swim fast in water so I could avoid all of Israphel's shots and also hit him a couple of times. Then he spawned a super charged creeper but I killed it. After that, he put something read in his hand and started sinking in the water. I thought he was glitching and was going to drown but instead he just disappeared. I am extremely alert now and always checking if its raining. I cannot have Israphel s…

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FalconF11 FalconF11 15 May 2013

My First YogBox World

Well I am 125 minecraft days into my new YogBox world and I have to say, it hasn't gotten boring at all. I have found a mushroom biome with two islands, 3 airships, 5+ battle towers, 20+ Pirate ships, 3 pirate coves, 5+ obelisks, 1 pyramid w/ obsidian maze and boss, many villages, 2 swamp caves, and bunches of resources. I live in a boat made by the supply chest item and next to my boat, on land, I have set up a thriving minecolony. I recently started doing thaumium stuff too! There is just so much to explore I never get bored!

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