I have noticed recently that users are taking the liberty to create article stubs and not categorize them, or even add anything more than a short description, among other things. It takes work to go through and patch up what they have done, and some contributions are just lousy writing or fact-checking. Not to mention the comments...

As a concerned editor, I would like to suggest some changes to facilitate the article creation and collaboration process. Here is a list of things that would make dedicated editors' jobs easier:

  1. Make clear on the getting started guide and/or main page that Yogbox Wiki is not an official forum to suggest changes or ask for help with. Many comments I have read have been confused on this point.
  2. Centralize the collaboration effort by working on the forums and building a loose schedule for editing objectives.
  3. Create projects, or teams of editors, to work on different wiki issues and in-game research. For example, ThaumCraft 2 would get one team, Mo' Creatures another, and one special team would be tasked with getting images.
  4. Templates. We need them. And the pictures to go with them! Just make sure they are all set up correctly so we can add infoboxes and category boxes to the appropriate pages.

If Droobey would please take my suggestions into account and ask for discussion of the points and procedures listed, I think we can make quick work of the organizational problems we currently face. Thank you. HectorAE (talk)

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