Renlor Renlor 22 September 2012

New Templates and page formatting

If there is anything that you would like changed with any of the templates make a request in the comments section. Also I am working on navigation panes for each of the mods. The Mo creature, Thoumcraft and the Mods navigation templates are incomplete, but usable. If you could add it to the bottom of the respective pages as you edit them that would be great.

Notice in this post several of the templates have bugs please use them wherever possible even if it temperarily causes problems and I will work to fix the bugs as soon as possible. For any problems you experience please leave me a message describing the issue and a link to a page that displays the problem so I can fix it quickly thanks.

  • 1 List of Templates
    • 1.1 Infromation Templates
    • 1.2 Format…

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Renlor Renlor 22 September 2012

My YogBox world

Yesterday I started my second yogbox world and am realy enjoying it. The first world I created was a flop I did not know enough about the yogbox to make any prgress in the world. I was verry lucky with new my random seed within 200 blocks north, east, and west of spawn I found 3 silverwood trees, a large number of vis crystal,s and 2 norish millionaire villages, granted one of the villages is only one building. The spawn itself was on top of a jungle tree untill the villagers cut it down. Near the end of my session I found a small dungeon directly north of spawn. As far as resources go I have a large amount of iron (about a full stack), a couple cinnabar, and of course tons of cobblestone.

(will post pictures next time I play)

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