So if you have'nt noticed I have been working on the Mo'Creaters pages, I'have been getting the info from the Minecraft Forums Page. After looking around I have seen little on stats if any at all. What Im wonting is, drops and their rates of drop, health, damage, and were and whin they will spawn. Seems to be their is not much of any of this on any wiki i have seen, so i looked in Mo'Creaters files on my computer and fond some ".class" files with the mobs names on them. I got a java decompiler and crack a few open. Well, I' no programmer, so I dont know what the F Im looking at. But soon i start seeing thuff like:

           if(getType() == 3)
     line 1          bm = "/mocreatures/panther.png";
          2          widthF = 0.9F;
          3    heightF = 0.9F;
          4    lengthF = 0.9F;
          5    cj = 1.6F;
          6    attackRange = 6D;
          7    force = 4;
          8    setMaxHealth(20);

So Im asking if it would be save to say that the Panther's(from 1st line) Attack Range is between 4-6 (from lines 6 and 7) And its starts at 20 or 10 Harts(from line 8)?

Any help with this is welcome --Zinmod1980 (talk) 07:56, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

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