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Vines growing on a tree.

Vines are plants which can be found on tall trees or in large caves. When you break a vine with shears you have a chance to get a strand of Vine or some sticks. You can place the vine on Cobblestone to make Mossy Cobblestone. You can place the vine on other blocks like Stone or Dirt to place the vine down again, but only from the bottom. The vine will start growing until it is one block from the ground, and then it stops. If you break a block above a vine or a vine above a vine the vines below will disappear. You can make Bitter Soup by putting two strands of vines above a bowl in a crafting grid, which heals 2.5 hearts. You can make Paper out of the vines by putting them in a row of three. You can make a ladder out of vines by putting them in the same formation as you would if it were sticks. You can make string by putting the strands in a column.Mostly found in jungle biomes and swamp biomes.

Vines naturally formed in a cave.

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