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The Wand of Fire is a tool in the ThaumCraft 2 mod. Basiclly you can think of it as a flamethrower. You can hold down right click and fire shoots out of it burning any unlucky soul caught in it's path. It does break quickly, so always be sure to have a Thaumic Repairer on hand. The Wand of Fire can be obtained by killing a Dark Shaman (Rare Drop)


The one use I can think of is my favorite. Use it as a flamethrower to deal with any annoying mob that gets in your way.    When used to kill pigs they witll drop Cooked Porkchops, and when used to kill cows they will drop SteakHold down the right mouse button and it shoots fire. It is also used for destroying wood quickly.  The Wand of Fire can only be used for torching mobs and people.


Crafting will cost you 75 Vis, along with one Enchanted Wood and a Fiery Crystal in the Thaumic Infuser.  There is no set crafting arrangement to make this item, rather, one may simply put the required materials in any of the 3 slots of the outermost triangle.

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